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ADT Fire Alarm Monitoring In Eau Claire

ADT Has You Covered With Eau Claire Fire Alarm Monitoring

Every second is vital during an emergency. When your Eau Claire fire alarms or other sensors identify a hazardous situation, they will instantly contact ADT. Without delay, a live specialist will reach out to you and emergency personnel. Now you can focus on escorting your family to safety knowing that emergency responders are will arrive soon.

Traditional fire alarms alert you to smoke via sound. Unfortunately, sounds only help when you’re in the house. ADT fire alarm monitoring stays on 24/7, and a live person is always on duty -- even when you're traveling for the holidays. After all, emergencies may occur when you're gone: electrical outlets can catch fire, furnaces can ooze gas, and windows can shatter from hail.

Eau Claire fire and smoke detector

How ADT Fire Monitoring In Eau Claire Functions

Your Eau Claire fire detectors can perceive both smoke and atmospheric temperature. When a dramatic rise in heat or excessive smoke triggers the alarm, it immediately alerts your ADT monitoring station. A live specialist will promptly respond and set your emergency plan into motion.

Once notified, the monitoring professional gets a hold of you through your cell or ADT control panel. They'll discern if your family is safe or if you need any additional aid. They will also contact the fire department for you so that help reaches you as quickly as possible. ADT fire monitoring in Eau Claire grants you peace of mind when you’re sleeping -- and is critical when you're away. You will likely have emergency specialists at your house even before you get home!

ADT Monitoring Gives You Much More Than Fire Protection

A monitored home smoke alarm in Eau Claire alerts you to the first hint of fire, wherever you may be. But a smoke detector is only one device that works well with ADT monitoring. You can also utilize ADT monitoring when you install the following devices:

  • Flood Detectors: Plant your Eau Claire flood detector next to a toilet or close to a sump pump. Should its sensors discover leaking water, it will alert you and your monitoring professional. A monitored CO detector [[alerts you|notifies you of danger quickly so someone can take care of a gas leak from your stove, fireplace, or HVAC system.

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