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December 17, 2021

What Happens When Your Home Security Alarms Go Off In Eau Claire?

A security system is designed to protect your home. But what happens when your home security alarms go off in Eau Claire? What are the right steps to take to ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of?

Your first priority is to avoid panicking. You should understand that your around-the-clock monitoring professionals are always standing by to assist. Then follow these steps to be prepared for any emergency.

Our 24-Hour Specialists Help You Stay Safe

A 24-7 monitoring specialist is alerted in an instant whenever your Eau Claire home security alarms go off. When a representative is alerted, they will reach out to you n a hurry to figure out what set off the security system. Your alarm may activate in various situations, including:

  • Break-in

  • Fire

  • Water infiltration

  • Alarm tripped by accident

In situations where your system was accidentally triggered—like not recalling that your sensors are switched on when you unlatch a window or door— a representative will call to ask if you need help. Give them your passcode, and they will turn off the alarm.

In a true emergency, the monitoring agent will summon first responders, including firefighters, EMS, and law enforcement, to your property. They will even function as your proxy when nobody is home. Your monitoring team also can inform authorities which security device was triggered, increasing their preparedness for what might be a hazardous environment. Then the agent will maintain a connection with you to assist in keeping you calm and inform you what the next steps should be.

Steps to Take if Your Alarm Goes Off In Eau Claire

Being awoken in the middle of the night to an alarm blaring is incredibly scary—particularly if you have no idea why it’s occurring. The smartest thing you can do is remain calm and follow these steps:

  • First, get somewhere safe. Gather your family and pets in an expeditious manner and get into a protected area in the house or exit as quickly as possible. It's a common tendency to feel like you need to deal with the problem in your home, but this may put you and your family at greater risk. As an alternative, put a priority on keeping you and your family members safe and letting the authorities resolve the issue.

  • As a second step, take advantage of your home security app to stay in touch with your monitoring team. They'll dispatch authorities who will be in transit to your home within minutes.

  • Lastly, keep a persistent line of communication with your monitoring agent and emergency responders. You have the ability to be patched through, so everyone is talking together. Or, if it’s not possible to be in direct contact with emergency services, you can still receive alerts by text message. Even in false alarm situations, it's smart to thoroughly communicate to all parties so you will be ready should an actual problem occur.

Defend Against All Security Risks in Eau Claire with Secure24 Alarm Systems

From false alarms to actual emergencies, Secure24 Alarm Systems takes pride in ensuring your loved ones and property are secured. With 24-hour monitoring, smart locking systems, and safety alarms, your home will become the secured refuge it's supposed to be. Create your ideal home security package by submitting the form below or call (715) 255-6964 to get started.