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March 01, 2022

Will A Home Security System Work In Eau Claire?

If you’re like most homeowners, you need your property to be secure all the time. but, do home security systems work in Eau Claire?

The easy answer: yes. That is if you get the best security system. Not only will the alarms and sensors provide wonderful peace-of-mind, the advanced equipment give a level of efficiency and control you could not have thought about previously. By adding home automation, security cameras, and easy-to-use tools through a phone app, you can create a secure smart house.

Let's pause a second to see why a home security system is a great recommendation for your home.

Essential Home Security Components

In order to know your Eau Claire home security system works to the best of its ability, you need these essential home security devices:

  • Door and window sensors: You could find this surprising, but most burglars break into your home by the front door. The other two most common entry points are back doors and ground-levelfirst-floor windows. For these stats, door and window sensors are designated the foundation of your home security system. When the alarm is live and your sensors are disturbed, the jarring, high-decibel alarm siren will sound and your 24-hour monitoring professionals will be contacted.

  • Touchscreen central hub: Don’t look for unresponsive pin pads, as easy-to-use touchpads now manage your entire system. These touch screens will also direct your home automation, security cameras, and monitoring.

  • smartphone app: The best home security system allow you manage every aspect of your house through a mobile app. Now if device triggers, you will receive a pop-up text to your phone. Also, disarm and arm your entryway alarms remotely, schedule your smart door locks, adjust the thermostat and more.

  • ADT signs and window decals: While there is no tech in a small, blue yard sign or a window sticker, they can alert a would-be intruder that your property is protected.

Can A Home Security System Actually Protect Your Home In Eau Claire?

While it may feel like pearl-clutching to get sensors installed and set-up a phone app when you have deadbolts and live in a nice neighborhood, expert studies support the notion that a security system can still guard your home. For example, a report out of Rutger University sees that many thieves will actively stay away from houses with an alarm system installed. They’ll instead opt to target an easier home that looks unprotected.

That meshes with stats from the National Council For Home Safety and Security. Their stats state that most burglarized homes don’t use a home security system. With numbers, unprotected homes are 300% more likely to be vandalized than properties that have an alarm system. And while showing that your house has a system helps prevent break-ins, other items -- like smart locks and doorbell cameras -- can also improve your home security system.

Of course, state-of-the-art home security systems can do more than ring an alarm. Nowadays you can add in some needed components that make a home security safer and energy efficient.

24/7 Monitoring Is A Reliable Backup Plan

Does a security system work in Eau Claire without 24/7 monitoring? Having a constant vigilance is always the best bet and round-the-clock monitoring from ADT agents can make certain the authorities come faster after a triggered sensor.

Monitoring professionals are there to watch your alarms no matter what time it is -- whether you are home or not. If you’re out and can’t hear the siren, they’ll notify you and the proper emergency service after a tripped event occurs. Even if you’re in the house, you won't have to worry about contacting the authorities and make sure family and animal are accounted for and safe.

Use Similar Monitored Services For Fire, Flood, and Medical Emergencies

When you get your home security, you can get much more than intrusion prevention. equipment like flood detectors, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors can be integrated into your overall home defense. If an emergency is sensed, your devices will act just like your security alarms. Specifically, the loud bell rings, your 24-hour monitoring experts are pinged, and a text will be sent to your smartphone.

There’s even a panic button, which is conveniently attached to you or a loved one via a pendant, bracelet, or clip. If someone you live with is a fall emergency or a medical problem, they can simply employ a two-finger button to contact your monitoring agent.

Get Security, Responsiveness And Energy Efficiency With Home Automation

The best automation alarms and cameras can bring you a tier of management and convenience you’ve never got before. They will make your home more energy-efficient and reactive. And when you link home automation to your security system, they can also make your property that much safer. For example:

  • Schedule your smart bulbs to make it feel that your house is inhabited when you’re on vacation.

  • Have your hall smart lighting come on when your outdoor camera sees unusual motion.

  • Use geofencing to secure your doors, turn off your living room lights, and turn down the thermostat when you go to work.

  • Create customized scenes that can pre-program your lighting, smart thermostat, alarms, cameras, and other devices with one touch of a button.

  • Or just see the status of all your alarms and cameras and manage your devices through your mobile app.

Plus, think of the energy you’ll save through automation, and you’ll quickly realize how much you will want a modern home security system in Eau Claire. You can even manage your components with voice commands when you pair your security system to your Echo or Google Home.

Maintain An Eye On Your Property With Modern Cameras

Yard signs and proper lighting are effective intrusion disincentives, but security cameras will take your defense to a better place. The worst thing a thief is looking for is to be taped on a video feed as the footage may be used against them in a criminal investigation. You can install indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras, and all will allow you to see live feeds 24/7.

Do you need to see what’s the sound you heard in the yard? Would you need to say hi to the kids after school? Has a package been delivered yet? All you need to do is to get the clip from your ADT Control app. You could also receive texts on your phone whenever a delivery person comes on your porch or they sense unusual motion. You can then speak with visitors with the two-way talk feature on the app.

How To Get A Security System In Eau Claire?

Want help in creating a home security system that works in Eau Claire? Our ADT agents will help you choose the most useful alarms, automation, and security cameras that can be bundled into one affordable package. Call right now at (715) 255-6964 or send in the form below.